COMICA CVM-WM100H 48-Channel UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System 328ft Range/ 16level Volume/ Real-Time Monitor with Transmitter

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COMICA CVM-WM100H UHF wireless microphone system is a professional audio recorder for cameras & camcorders. It features 48 independent channels, up to 100m working distance, real time monitor, LCD display, adjustable RF strength, low-cut filter, 16 steps adjustable volume, mute mode, recording crystal clear sound while bringing you the best recording experience.


48-channels for multiple devices work together without interfering each other.

Working distance up to 100m/328ft in open space without any staccato. (60m/197ft in barrier area)    

16 steps volume adjustment can  meet different demands of the volume level. Support muting mode.

Switch on the low-cut function, then you can effectively reduce the low frequency part of the audio and enjoy a fantastic recording effect.

Local audio test in transmitter & receiver end, you can check the volume dynamic display bar to judge whether the mic is working properly. Lattice LCD display, high resolution.   

Real-time audio status monitor in receiver end, so you can monitor the audio effect during recording.

Adjust RF signal strength in transmitter end, in short pickup distance, set the low-power mode to reduce power consumption and prolong battery endurance, in long pickup distance, set the high-power mode to improve audio quality.

The microphone can be used on cameras and camcorders with 3.5mm / XLR audio input. It also works with smartphone, but you need to buy a TRS-TRRS cable separately.
Specifications Descriptions
Product Type: COMICA CVM-WM100H 48-Channel
rand: COMICA
Model: CVM-WM100H
Wireless Frequency: 520.000MHz-534.100MHz
Package Size: 28.6 * 22 * 8cm / 11.2 * 8.7 * 3.1inch
Package Weight: 1093g / 2.4Lbs

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